What inspires us?

Our values, beliefs and culture.

Our company was founded by two best friends in 2008 and was formerly known as Royal Webbers. Nowadays, company names that include “Royal” are no longer allowed without conferment of the king himself, thus we rebranded to Webbers Agency in 2019. A name that perfectly reflects the clean and fresh web products we love to create, without losing the royal flair.


De hallen amsterdam

A strategic digital production company based in Amsterdam.

We provide a full range of services that help our clients innovate even better and build high end digital solutions that grow business.

What we believe in?

Return-on-investment, experimentation, persuasion

Starting young learned us to think beyond borders and not to stop until we were 100% sure that we pushed all boundaries. Today, we embrace that spirit and leverage the power of multidisciplinary thinking and execution to drive our clients’ digital growth and deliver results that are equally valuable, scalable and enriching.


We believe in creativity, design, technology and data to optimize costs and unlock revenue, as great ideas and opportunities are expressed in their return-on-investment.


We believe in step-by-step improvements in productivity, flexibility and speed without risking reliability and security before we ignite rapid-growth experimentation.


We believe that attention is the new currency, which means that we have to make well-rounded products that match the look & feel of your brand and lead to persuasiveness.

Who does what?

Meet our varied team of specialists.

Collaboration is about building reliable relationships and providing open and honest dialogue to get better results. We strive to spark innovation in the first place and then aspire to be recognized for our diversity of work experience, study knowledge and healthy dose of humor.

Foto van Daan van den Burg
Daan van den Burg Head of Strategy & Operations
Foto van user experience designer Amar Muric
Amar Muric Head of Design
Foto van developer Pepijn van Vlaanderen
Pepijn van Vlaanderen Head of Development
Foto van online marketing specialist Mashud Mohammadi
Mashud Mohammadi Head of Growth
Foto van developer Bastiaan van de Kamer
Leo van Haaren Developer
Foto van developer Bastiaan van de Kamer
Victor Weill Marketeer
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